Well said. Life is certainly an opportunity to learn if we can slow down and see the lessons in front of us. I have to remind myself to do that when I get overwhelmed.

My most remarkable teacher was probably a horse I had when I was younger called Lifeguard. He was kind, sensitive, and smart, but he never gave me anything I didn't earn, and I had to learn to control my emotions and be patient to ride him properly. It was like meditation. My time with him was a gift :-)

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Part of what I loved about your writing is your obvious affinity with horses. My mother raised quarter horses while I was growing up, and we did horse rescue together. I don't have horses now, but I love them and they and other animals were the best part of my childhood. Lifeguard. This made me smile because I happen to be a lifeguard at a hospital rehab center!

The world can teach us so much, especially the animals who walk beside us in life. I'm so glad you and Lifeguard found one another. Do you ever wonder what, if anything, he learned from you? One of my most remarkable teachers was a crippled orange cat. A rescue, of course. Losing him was a kind of grief I had never experienced before. I still rarely speak of him to anyone. No one but an animal lover could possibly understand.

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