What is A Stone, a Web, a Story about?

A Stone, a Web, a Story is about life. And stories.

It’s about the stones, the hard stuff, the heavy stuff. Fear. Conflict. Disconnection. Shame. Unhealthy relationships. Regrets and mistakes. Secrets and scars. Shadows and nightmares.

It’s about engaging a community of readers in conversation about our living world, our relationships with others and ourselves, creativity and wisdom, and the web of life in which we’re all suspended.

Most of all, A Stone, a Web, a Story is about the power of story, mine, yours, and ours. Stories about cultures and places and people. Familiar fairy tales and legends and strange forgotten fragments and bones of stories waiting to be rediscovered. What do we need to add to humanity’s story in our time? What changes might we graft onto the roots of old stories?

It’s the home of the Webbd series, a genre-breaking trilogy, part fantasy, part science fiction, part women’s studies, and part systems science, which I will publish in weekly serials. What happens when story meets story, character interacts with character, and myth and legend mingle?

Who is A Stone, a Web, a Story for?

What’s in your reality? Relationship challenges? Power dynamics? Emotional wounds? Feeling stuck? Fear of the future? Searching for yourself? Distress about the state of the planet and its people? Looking for a place to belong?

Me, too.

Take a break with A Stone, a Web, a Story. Make a friend. Discover a new perspective. Understand you are not alone. Renew your hope and acceptance. Challenge your own ideologies and beliefs. Play with hard questions. Explore connection and diversity. Add some magic to your life.

Let me tell you a story.

How did The Webbd Wheel series come about?

I love books. I earned a library degree in college and worked in an elementary school library and a public library, as well as volunteering in used bookstores.

Fifteen years ago I began storytelling orally and became fascinated with the roots and branches of story.

Ten years ago, I accidentally started writing a book. My life was collapsing.

Five years ago, I intentionally started a blog, Harvesting Stones.

This year, I’m writing my third book and beginning to publish my work serially on Substack.

Writing has always been my shield, my haven, and my oracle, but I’ve been busy with marriage and divorce, raising children, earning a paycheck, volunteering, gardening, dancing, reading, and moving across the country. Life, in other words. Oh, and somehow I’m a lot older than I used to be. When did that happen?

I live in a town in Central Maine in an old colonial with a lot of garden space. I can walk to work.

I work in a small local hospital rehabilitation facility as a lifeguard and swim teacher with an extraordinary team of people who have become my family.

And I write, closely supervised by two cats and warmly encouraged by my partner.

Why publish on Substack?

I chose Substack because it empowers both writers and readers. I want a simple, direct connection with readers who find value in my writing. I want readers to have the choice to subscribe or unsubscribe; to participate in paid subscriptions in the future or not. I don’t want to persuade an agent or publisher that my work will be good for their bottom line. I’ve never fit well into conventional systems. I want to open the forbidden door and see what’s inside, lift the lid off Pandora’s box, rock the boat, ask provocative questions and break the rules. I want to play, laugh, and write without making myself small in order to accommodate someone’s idea of what’s appropriate or will generate the most income. I’d rather ask outright for a subscription fee than bombard readers with advertising.

Why subscribe?

Subscribers get full access to the newsletter, my serial fiction, archives, and whatever else I’m up to. Never miss an update. You’ll support an alternative to advertising on “free” platforms.

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